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Anti Poaching Units

Our Anti-Poaching Units are deployed with great success throughout Namibia and we boast with some of the finest and best trained field officers. Each and everyone is hand picked through a strict recruitment and selection process. Once selection is passed, the candidate starts with six weeks of intensive training. Here we enable him to become one of the best in his profession and to function at the highest of standards at all times.

Successful candidates undergo a six week intensive anti-poaching training course. The course foundation is laid on the strictest of discipline and professional...    ​​​​​​​

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Illegal hunting for rhino horn was primarily responsible for the crash in black rhino numbers from an estimated 100,000 animals in the 1960s to a low of about 1,800 surviving today. In most countries the species became extinct and the remaining populations are now scattered, and in many cases geographically isolated.

In Namibia all black rhino belong to the Government. Unfortunately, the level of resources required to effectively counter the illegal killing of black rhino by far exceed available budgets. This renders it almost impossible to effectively protect the black rhino, especially taking into account the vast areas in...

Namibia is the stronghold of one of the three remaining ecotypes of black rhinos, namely the south-western Diceros bicornis bicornis black rhino.