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Recruitment & Selection

All new recruits go through a strict vetting procedure that is divided into two parts.

  • Part 1:  Physical and Mental Endurance - This part of the selection process is designed to test the very limits of an applicant's physical, emotional, and mental capacities. 

  • Part 2: Personal and Employment History - Reference checks, verification of documentation, background checks/screening, biographical information, education, medical history/physical data, employment history etc. are reviewed in the process.

Each candidate undergoes a pre-employment polygraph and aptitude test. All our employees are subject to at least two polygraph tests per year or whenever the client requests it.


Successful candidates undergo a six week intensive anti-poaching training course. The course foundation is laid on the strictest of discipline and professional conduct at all times.

After training is completed, the sucessful candidates are placed out to different farms. Here they work closely with the farm owner in the fight for the conservation of black and white rhinos in Africa.    

We also train field rangers on request and place them on farms as full time employees of the farming operation itself.

Training and Development: APU Field Rangers

We are serious about protecting our​​​​​​​ GREAT RHINOS

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Our Anti-Poaching Units are deployed with great success throughout Namibia and we boast with some of the finest and best trained field officers. Each and everyone is hand picked through a strict recruitment and selection process. Once selection is passed, the candidate starts with six weeks of intensive training. Here we enable him to become one of the best in his profession and to function at the highest of standards at all times.