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Need for Volunteers

To enable us to effectively reach our goal of conserving rhino in Namibia – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Support in the form of volunteers who can assist in our anti-poaching efforts and provide logistical back-up for our highly trained field officers.

As a volunteer, you will be fulfilling a crucial part of our wildlife protection efforts. You will not only assist in the day to day activities of the field rangers, but you will also make a huge contribution to the conservation and protection of the species.

You will, however, never be put directly into harm’s way.  Our highly trained and skilled field officers, who will constantly accompany you, will step in at any given moment when contact with poachers occurs and you will be relocated to safety.

The Adventure Begins

The adventure starts the moment you set foot on Namibian soil at Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport. You are immediately transferred by road to Mt Etjo Safari Lodge. Mt Etjo is one of Namibia’s finest safari lodges and this is where the fun starts.

Mt Etjo’s Camp Rhino provides beautiful accommodation and facilities to volunteers during their stay. Training consists of two to three days orientation and theory. From day four onwards we go deep into practical anti-poaching stuff.  


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We need you 

Protecting the World's gentle giants

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Custodian Program

Illegal hunting for rhino horn was primarily responsible for the crash in black rhino numbers from an estimated 100,000 animals in the 1960s to a low of about 1,800 surviving today. In most countries the species became extinct and the remaining populations are now scattered, and in many cases geographically isolated.

In Namibia all black rhinos belong to the Government. Unfortunately, the level of resources required to effectively counter the illegal killing of black rhino by far exceed available budgets. This renders it almost impossible to effectively protect the black rhino, especially taking into account the vast areas in which they roam.

The Namibian Government through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) came up with the brilliant Black Rhino Custodianship Program in the middle 90’s. Through this programme, local people become custodians of state-owned rhino. Rhinos are placed on privately owned game farms creating a more controlled environment in which they can be protected. ​​​​​​​

Since 2014, the increase in poaching has placed enormous strain on the program as private land owners receive no compensation or subsidy from the government in order to protect these rhinos.

It is for this reason that Namibia Wildlife Protection initiated an International Volunteer Program to assist and subsidise our Anti Poaching efforts on the custodian farms.  

Our Volunteer program currently costs USD850.00 per week, with a minimum of 2 weeks. Full and intense training will be given at the start of your course.  Once done with training, you will be placed on one of the Rhino-protection farms to assist our anti-poaching teams. You will be hands-on on a daily basis with rhino and other wildlife and your duties will vary from horse/foot/vehicle patrols to manning observation posts or our control room. Should you be interested, you need to book your place in advance.   

Apply HERE​​​​​​​.


“The greatest threat to the Namibian black rhino population is the inception of intense illegal hunting for rhino horn.”

  • Principles of Conservation
  • Operational Security
  • Fire Arm Handling and safety procedures
  • Legal Principles – Fire Arms and Arrests
  • Map Reading
  • Navigation
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Survival Skills
  • Self Defence
  • Principles of observation
  • Tactical Operations
  • Tracking and Follow-up
  • Radio Procedures
  • Frist Aid
  • Crime Scene Preservation

After ten days of training at Camp Rhino, you are allocated to one of the various custodian farms scattered throughout the country. Farm sizes varies from 10 000 – 70 000ha each. You will assist in various aspects of our fight against poaching. You will take part in daily anti-poaching activities i.e. patrolling the farm on foot, horseback or quad bike; manning an observation post, manning checkpoints; tracking and observing rhino behavior; conducting camp duties or man one of our control rooms.

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We need you to be our eyes and ears

on the ground…in the bush!


Do you like to join us and protect the magestic giants?

Then just write us an email

Are you passionate about nature and conservation?

Do you crave a WILD African adventure? Have you experienced the unspoilt beauty of Namibia?

Are you ready to put in some work to contribute to the preservation of the magnificent rhino species?

Then volunteer as an Anti-Poaching Support Ranger now!



International Volunteer Cost: USD850.00 per week with a minimum booking of two weeks up to a maximum of 12 weeks. 

The cost of the program covers all meals,  accommodation, training, equipment, transfers from and to Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek. It also subsidizes our anti-poaching efforts on black rhino custodian farms.

2024 Volunteer Intake Dates

  • 05 February 2024
  • 15 April 2024
  • 10 June 2024
  • 19 August 2024
  • 14 October 2024

Are you young, adventurous and looking for the ​​​​​​​

experience of a lifetime?