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About us


Namibia Wildlife Protection (NWP) is a Namibian company operating from its Head Office in Windhoek.  We provide anti-poaching security solutions to the Namibian private and business community and see ourselves as one of the industry leaders in protection innovation. Excellence in service delivery and the implementation of strategic plans are fundamental to our success.


To distinguish ourselves through our consistent achievement of excellence as a protector of the assets of our clients by providing integrated wildlife and farm protection in Namibia.


To continually render an affordable professional service where the client remains the focus and centre of our activities.

To invest in the development of our employees in order to provide our clients with trained and qualified personnel.   

Namibia is the stronghold of one of the three remaining ecotypes of black rhinos, namely the south-western Diceros bicornis bicornis black rhino.

Be part of something GREAT

“Namibia stands out in many ways as the shining example of successful and dynamic rhino conservation.”